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*sigh* It Figures, Don’t It?

Wouldn’t you know it? I’d no sooner finished posting about my favorite writing apps than I discovered a new one. Notebooks is both a note-taking and a book-writing app that comes in flavors for the iPhone alone, both the iPhone and iPad (the universal version), the Mac, and the Windows PC. I have the universal… Continue reading *sigh* It Figures, Don’t It?

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Fear and Loathing in a Technological Age

One Woman’s Nightmare Is this you? Have you become so dependent on gadgets that your life would end if they stopped working? I know I have. My arthritis has gotten so bad that it’s too painful for me to use a pen or a pencil to write. That’s pretty much an issue for a writer,… Continue reading Fear and Loathing in a Technological Age

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I Was Hi-tech Before There Was Hi-tech

I bought my first personal computer before the marketing geniuses at IBM even coined the term. “Microcomputers” was the word we used. Mine was a Kaypro 2X “portable” computer. It was called portable simply because they stuck a handle on the 50-pound unit. $1800 got me the following: The computer itself: 50 pounds of heavy… Continue reading I Was Hi-tech Before There Was Hi-tech

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An Incredibly Useful Tool. And It’s FREE!

I’ve written before about e-books, e-readers, and the like. Now I’d like to introduce you to a recent discovery I made regarding my local public library and its collection. Libby is a simple app I discovered whilst browsing through the Apple App Store. I was so intrigued that I downloaded it to my iPhone… …and… Continue reading An Incredibly Useful Tool. And It’s FREE!

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E-readers vs. Printed Books

Yes, Virginia, there is a difference Make no mistake: I love my E-readers. All three of them. I have an iPhone, an iPad, and an Amazon Fire Tablet.Between them I have a library of over 3,000 books. I devour books the way children devour ice cream and cake at birthday parties.But my living space—and therefore… Continue reading E-readers vs. Printed Books

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Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant

Maybe I’m paranoid…no…wait…I AM  paranoid! But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.Look, I lived through the Nixon administration, so I know a healthy fear of government isn’t paranoia. We were afraid of government and especially afraid of government agencies snooping on us. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mr. FBI… Continue reading Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant

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I write on Medium. Maybe you should, too.

WordPress is great for blogging, but it has limited visibility Let’s be honest: blogging—even on WordPress—is a labor of love. Many of us pour out our hearts and souls only to receive comments that far too often are actually adds for products. It’s a rare day when I receive helpful comments. Not so on Medium… Continue reading I write on Medium. Maybe you should, too.